Pflugerville Hours (12/14): Open 2:30 pm - 1:00 am

Special hours due to private events

Dinning Room

Shakers Dinning Room


Shakers Bar

Classic Lanes

Classic Lanes

The Pin House

The Pin House - VIP Seating

Pin House Lounge

The Pin House - VIP Lounge

Pin House Lanes

The Pin House - VIP Lanes

Game Room

Game Room - Entrance

Winner's Corner

Winner's Corner - Prize Store

Arcade Games

Arcade Games


Prizes for All Ages

Vesting Room

Laser Tag - Vesting Room

Laser Tag

Laser Tag - 1st Floor

Laser Tag

Laser Tag - 2nd Floor

Laser Tag

Laser Tag - Arena

Birthday Party

Blitz Party Room

Event Rooms

Event Rooms - Banquet Hall


A Company Party


Buffet for an Event

Carving Station

Meat Carving Station

Food Trays & Plates

Food Trays & Plates

Buy Outs

Whole Center Buyout