Team Member Spotlight


Spare Time Texas team member profile:

A relative new-comer to Spare Time Texas, Trista Gerner began working as a concierge at our Pflugerville location this past January. She has recently joined our Event Sales team and is quickly becoming an great asset. Trista's positive attitude and flexible thinking is what she attributes to her success in overcoming the challenges of her position.

Trista excels at anticipating the needs of guests and the business by keeping a close eye on each department throughout her shift. She communicates when she sees an issue and often enlists help from her fellow team members to tackle projects proactively. She looks at people with different personality types as a challenge, eagerly working with them to create positive relationships.

As a recent graduate from Hendrickson High School, Trista has been looking ahead to her future. She is planning on double-majoring in civil engineering and architecture at Texas Tech. Eventually, Trista's life goals are to become a Disney Imagineer or a designer for the Olympics. In her free time, she enjoys creating art, doing activities with her church, and volunteering for Habitat for Humanity.


Team Member Spotlight


Spare Time Texas team member profile:

Ronnie Largent joined the Spare Time Texas team in late March of 2013, right before our first location in Temple opened. Since then he has served in the positions of Bowling Counter, Supervisor, Bookkeeper, and now Attractions Manager. With all that combined experience and steadfast dedication, Ronnie has become an invaluable member of our team.

To Ronnie, nothing matters more when he's on duty than guest experience. His daily mission is to make every guest feel right at home. One of Ronnie's few concerns left is that his bartending skills aren't quite up to par enough to jump behind the bar and help out when it's busy. It's one of his main goals he's working on.

Ronnie is also an avid bowler and has been competing in Temple's Tuesday Co-Ed Club for 4 seasons now. He also injoys fishing, seeing movies, and attending auto shows in Austin and Fort Worth. To help others enjoy the successes he has achieved, Ronnie gives the advice: Apply yourself. You CAN do better. NEVER think negatively. Learn from your mistakes!

If you're a new guest or a regular, stop by and shake Ronnie's hand. It would make his day to be able to make your day!


Team Member Spotlight


Spare Time Texas team member profile:

Jacob Perez began his career with Spare Time preceding our Pflugerville opening in November 2015. Starting as a server, he had several challenges to overcome. Luckily, Jacob's strong people skills and dedication to his work propelled him into a position with our management team by Fall.

As Pflugerville's Hospitality Manager, Jacob oversees the bar and server team he was once a part of. His ability to bond with his team members and guests alike has made him an effective leader and also the subject of many positive comments that we receive from visitors.

Since becoming a manager, Jacob has refocused his goals towards seeing how far he can go with our company. In his personal life though, he prefers to keep it simple. When he's not spending time with his nephew, Jacob enjoys cooking, playing video games, and taking photos. He has plans to travel around Spain, Italy and Greece when time permits.

So if you're looking for a great drink and a fun conversation, come by Spare Time Pflugerville and see Jacob! Keep up if you can...he's a fast talker!


Bowler's Ed


How many schools have you been to that have their own bowling alley? The answer is probably none. So how can kids learn to bowl without spending money at a local alley or having school's invest in building specialized equipment? That's the question that IBC's Bowler's Ed answers for schools across the U.S. By partnering with local bowling centers, Bowler's Ed has been able to bring students and bowling together in a way that had not been possible previously.

The IBC provides educators with a full Bowling cirriculum and the option to purchase portable bowling equipment that can be set up easily in any gymnasium. That's where Spare Time comes in. We have purchased several sets of the portable bowling equipment and are making it available to schools, free of charge. The end result is that students receive a very comprehensive training course on bowling with all materials provided to the school at no cost!

Pflugerville Middle School was the first in our community to take our portable lanes for a spin. P.E. Teacher, Cierra Martin, had this to say about the Bowler's Ed program:

"My students LOVED the bowling. I enjoyed all the cross-cirriculum, as that is very important to our school. The biggest thing for us was that bowling is all-inclusive for our students. Our essential academic students (students with some sort of disability) were able to bowl and enjoyed every minute. Thank you so much for allowing our school this opportunity."

For more information on Bowler's Ed, please contact Spare Time Texas today!


Team Member Spotlight


Spare Time Texas team member profile:

Angel Rhem started with Spare Time Texas all the way back in March of 2013, just one month prior to the center's grand opening. Angel has been with Spare Time since the beginning and has grown a lot with our company. Starting out her career with us as a high school student, she is now working full time with us as an Event Sales Associate while maintaining a full-time college schedule in her free time.

Angel began her journey with us as a party host, and has quickly moved on to master other departments, including Winner's Corner and Laser Tag. Angel is always willing to help out at any time in any department. She now uses that knowledge and experience to curate unforgettable party experiences, and in doing so, has become a vital and thoroughly dependable part of our sales team. Angel receives great feedback from so many guests and she still manages to help out in other departments when she is called upon.

There's a lot more behind Angel's shining smile and sparkling personality. Her favorite Spare Time menu item is Mike's Club and she loves to get a few rounds of laser tag in when she's off the clock. Angel has 4 sisters and enjoys going to the gym. When she's not working out or playing laser tag, Angel can be found hitting the books and advancing her degree in Criminal Justice.


Team Member Spotlight


Spare Time Texas team member profile:

Cydnie Matthes has been a part of the Spare Time Pflugerville team since opening day (Dec 7, 2015). Cydnie works primarily supporting the kitchen as an expeditor and food runner.  She also fills in at bowling and arcade operations as needed.

Cydnie is a senior at Hendrickson, where she serves as President of TAFE (Texas Association of Future Teachers).  She will begin her studies in early childhood education at Texas State in the fall of 2017.

Cydnie has a younger sister Meagan, and she has lived in Pflugerville for 10 years.  Her family is originally from Las Vegas.  Cydnie has practiced Korean martial arts for 11 years.  Her favorite music artist is Kenny Chesney.

Her supervisor, Chef Kent O’Keefe, praises Cydnie for her outstanding work ethic, her enthusiasm and her teamwork.  “She’s always got a smile on and is really great at holding her fellow team members to a higher standard”, says Kent.  “Because of this, we felt it was important to back some of her many suggestions for our business, such as adding cotton candy and dill pickles to our Snack Bar offerings.”

So next time you visit Spare Time and enjoy a tasty pickle or indulge in some cotton candy, thank Cydnie for being an awesome team member.